Super Weenie Nerd Trash Bag

"I'm just a shoujo girl living in a shounen world."

Yo, I'm Alyssa (or Gibs/Gibby/Gibbs) and welcome aboard the fuckery train.

My blog is my baby, which means it operates as not only as my personal blog, but also a multi-fandom (loads of anime/cartoons) blog.

Sometimes, I have strong opinions. Sometimes, I'll just derp it up. It all depends on my mood.

If you want to talk, don't be afraid to message me or comment on my posts. I honestly don't bite and I like making friends~ (you cute little babbus uvu)

*I will more than likely hit on you at some point in time* I'm a playa, it's what I do.

--Nagisa Hazuki is my boyfriend and he owns my heart. I reblog a lot of him, so you have been warned owo.